Exclusive Extraction Procedures

A medicinal herb contains approximately 200 active compounds which singly or combined, produce positive effects in the treatment of common and frequent diseases.

Thousands of Bibliographical abstracts document it  palliative or medicinal effects of various medicinal plants in their natural state. It is no secret that the fruits of artichoke, Willow flowers, rosemary, honey, plum or other plants, produce a positive effect on the body and can further contribute, foods or vitamins and minerals.

LABFARVE, the Pharmaceutical Laboratory of Medicinal developed a unique extraction processes to concentrate that condense the active compounds of its plants in an aqueous-alcoholic extract, allowing greater efficiency and fewer side effects. Likewise, it has developed from extracts of fresh plant, ensuring the purity, quality and concentration of these active ingredients.

A Pipol´s extract is 300 times more concentrated than a conventional extract made in another laboratory and 500 times more concentrated than the plant in its natural state. For this reason it is that Pipol And Labfarve products are extremely effective, free of side effects and do not produce toxicity.