Delivery Method Policy

Conditions and shipping terms
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The dispatch of products within the United States will be made with recognized entities that guarantee the tracking of shipments (Tracking) While our main suppliers of shipments is USPS, we depend on the urgency of the order or the distance with different shipping providers among which are UPS, DHL and FEDEX.

The prices of shipments are in US dollars, including shipping to Canada and Mexico. Regularly the shipment of the products is taken from 5 to 8 business days. If by some circumstance or force majeure the shipment is delayed, it will be communicated to the customer or to keep him informed of the delay and delivery of the shipment.

If for any reason the shipment is lost, PIPOL responds for the entire order and once the loss is confirmed, will be ready to replace the order and deliver it in the time agreed by the dispatch entity and the shipping cost will be paid by PIPOL.

PIPOL  certifies that the products included in its shipments comply with all current regulations for these types of products and responds to any situation that generates the dispatch of the product as long as the delivery is kept in the original form as it left the company, the Packaging and shipping boxes are not altered and the security seals of the products and boxes are intact.


PIPOLNATURAL does not undertake to ship products outside the United States. It will only do dispatches always and as long as the client takes care of the shipping costs, taxes, Taxes and licenses in the country of destination, and exclusively under a negotiation that includes that the product will comply with all sanitary norms of the country of destination. Import, nationalization, health records, taxes and other expenses will be borne by the client and will not be the responsibility of PIPOL.