Refund Policy

Thank you for buying at PIPOL.

If you are not completely satisfied with the product or service purchased, this section can help you.


You have purchased a natural supplement or herbal supplement. Once the product is opened, it can not be returned.

Returns are not accepted by mistake in the order. We only accept return of the closed product with its original stamps and within 30 days after the purchase of the product.

Once the product is received, we will take 5 days to review the causes of return and product status.

After these 5 days we will contact you to convey the next step for the change, return or inability to receive the return.

The return process is as follows:

  1. You must fill out the contact form included in the website explaining the reasons for the return. Once you have received and confirmed the message in contact us that you sent, we will proceed to give you a case number.
  2. You must send the bottle closed in its original state to the following address 1900 Coral Way, , Miami, Fl 33145, with your personal information (Name, address, telephone and e-mail) in an attached document.
  3. The shipping costs are borne by the customer.
  4. The customer service office will be responsible for processing the return and communicating the decision of the process. If the change is approved, the product will be exchanged for one of the same reference or for a product with a similar price. The cost of shipping this new product is paid by PIPOL.


We only accept a refund of the money charged to the debit or credit card where the purchase was made, as long as the product has been damaged or has had a quality problem identified in the return process.

NO refund will be processed for wrongly taking the order, or for the decision not to consume it.


NO return shipping, shipping and handling costs will be made only the cost of the product to which it was purchased.

The cost of sending the return will be borne by the customer.

The replacement cost of the product will be borne by PIPOLNATURAL.